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It’s often said that a treadmill or exercise bike is the most expensive clothes drying rack you’ll ever own. We all buy exercise equipment with the best intentions, but sometimes things just don’t work out. Instead of helping us get in shape, that equipment becomes a heavy, awkward piece of metal and rubber sitting in the corner, gathering socks, shirts, and other items.

Exercise equipment can be hard to get rid of. As technology evolves, even the most cutting-edge exercise bike becomes outdated, making it nearly impossible to sell. What you’re left with is a piece of junk taking up valuable space in your basement. But there’s a solution! At Fitness Movers & Storage, we can help you easily remove that equipment.

Eco-Friendly Fitness Equipment Removal

Not all fitness equipment should end up in a landfill. Your old exercise bike, treadmill, weight bench, or other equipment can still be useful. We partner with charitable organizations and salvage companies to ensure that your equipment gets a second life. By reusing, repurposing, and recycling, we help reduce the environmental impact, making the planet a little happier!

Fitness Equipment We Take

  • Treadmills: These are heavy and awkward to move. We can find them a new home or use them for parts and salvage.
  • Stationary Bikes: Even with a smaller footprint, these can be a nuisance when unused. Let us help you get rid of them.
  • Rowing Machines: Rowing machines offer a great workout but can take up space. We’ll help you clear that corner.
  • Home Gyms: Complex and heavy, home gyms can dominate your space. We’ll handle their removal expertly.
  • Free Weights: Whether it’s a damaged bench or a shift in interests, we can take away those heavy items safely.
  • Ellipticals: As models advance, older machines can find new uses or be recycled.

How to Prepare Your Fitness Equipment for Removal

Ready to part with that heavy piece of fitness equipment? Here’s how you can help us make the process smoother:

  • Check Condition: This helps us determine the best way to move it and whether it can be donated.
  • Storage Positions/Locked State: Keeping equipment in a uniform state makes it easier to navigate through tight spaces.
  • Protect with Plastic Wrap or Blankets: This protects your equipment and your home from damage. We usually provide these for you.

All-in-One Service

Moving fitness equipment or getting rid of it entirely can be a hassle. Hiring a professional service like Fitness Movers & Storage eliminates guesswork. We handle both moving and junk removal, partnering with charities and salvage companies to keep as much as possible out of landfills.

Our eco-friendly approach helps reduce waste and keeps our prices affordable, savings which we pass on to our customers.

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