Fitness Equipment Consignment Service

Fitness Equipment Consignment

Fitness Movers & Storage offers consignment service to facilitate the sale of second-hand gym equipment, helping customers a significant portion of your initial investment. We actively seek unwanted and unused fitness machines nationwide and assist in getting fitness equipment sold with ease, speed, and convenience. You can get cash for your used equipment at great prices and ensure that your consignment experience with Fitness Movers & Storage is hassle-free. Our fitness equipment consignment services also provide an opportunity for buyers to choose from a wide range of quality and competitively priced exercise machines.

What Is Professional Fitness Equipment Consignment?

Fitness Movers & Storage was established to provide an excellent and memorable experience to benefit our customers. Whether you are looking to free up space in your corporate gym or building a gym at home, our consignment service has everything you need. We have a competent team of consignment experts that assist sellers in identifying the estimated value of their goods. On the other hand, we also have experienced sales professionals that match our buyers with the fitness equipment they need without breaking the bank. 

Working as fitness equipment consignment experts, we promise to uphold honesty and integrity in every transaction. At Fitness Movers & Storage, we guarantee transparency, convenience, and providing the best value for your second-hand gym equipment. Our goal is to simplify the process of selling pieces, saving sellers from the stressful activity of directly marketing their pieces on various platforms with little to no success in selling fast at their ideal prices. We perform accurate and realistic valuations and set prices and commission rates sellers are most comfortable with. No surprise price adjustments or reductions. 

What You Can Expect On Consignment Day

Instead of getting pennies on the dollar at a garage sale or selling them yourself online, simply call us at Fitness Movers & Storage so that our team of consignment specialists can evaluate the potential worth of your unused or unwanted exercise machine. 

  • We will determine a selling price for your fitness equipment based on current value, the overall condition of your items, current market appeal, and prevailing fitness trends.
  • We utilize a streamlined consignment process for sellers. No matter where you are, you can rest assured that we will closely assist you in successful and speedy sale of your high-value workout goods. 
  • Our extensive experience in the fitness industry means we are the go-to company if you’re looking to draw the largest return on investment and help you navigate the unfamiliar waters of second-hand sales. 
  • After a thorough evaluation, we will facilitate your fitness equipment’s safe and speedy transport to our facility. 
  • We consign for all types of fitness equipment, including treadmills, stationary bikes, leg press machines, stair steppers, ellipticals, rowing machines, Machine weights, cable cross overs, and many more.
  • We accept the consignment of fitness equipment across all brands, including ProForm, Nautilus, Technogym, Bowflex, Rogue, Precor, Star Trac, NordicTrack, Cybex, TRUE Fitness, and many more.

We are Fitness Equipment Consignment Experts

Fitness Movers & Storage takes advantage of the thriving market for used equipment while ensuring sellers and buyers get the most out of doing business with us. We will make selling easy for you and provide you with the opportunity to free up space in your home or corporate gym fast. At Fitness Movers & Storage, we guarantee a risk-free consignment process from start to finish. Our skilled and experienced team of consignment specialists will prepare your fitness equipment, so you don’t have to. Using proven marketing approaches, we will sell your exercise machines quickly without you lifting a finger. 

We guarantee exceptional value and honest customer service to sellers and buyers alike by providing a convenient, safe, and effective venue for selling and buying quality pre-owned fitness equipment. Sellers will have more space in their home or gym facility, while buyers can take home reasonably priced quality exercise machines that will be an excellent addition to their space. Simply contact us to discover how simple our fitness equipment consignment process can be. Get in touch with us for a consultation today!

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