Gym Flooring Installation Service

Rubber Gym Flooring consists or rolled rubber flooring to cover large areas, interlocking rubber floor tiles to fit oversized / non-rectangular spaces as well as stand-alone rubber floor mats that fit perfectly under a weight machine, exercise equipment or even a simple workout corner.

Proper rubber flooring installation can be every bit as important as choosing the right rubber flooring product. For smaller installs, such as home gyms and fitness studios, Fitness Movers & Storage is glad to provide proper guidance to our customers so that they can install their purchased flooring themselves.

More often than not, these smaller installs do not warrant the use of adhesives and are pretty straight forward. For larger installs, such as commercial gyms and military bases, these situations typically call for equipment removal, existing flooring tear out and disposal, full flooring glue down and then equipment replacement.

There can also be lots of cutting involved around beams, stairwells, against walls and lots of other objects. Without the proper expertise, failure of any one of these steps can make for a sub-par install, wasted material and additional down time of your facility. This is why customers choose and trust the professional rubber flooring installers at Fitness Movers & Storage to do the job right the first time.

Rubber Gym Flooring will protect your floor for damage due to dropped weight and heavy equipment. These rubber floor options also provide traction (even when wet) while exercising yet don’t’ absorb any moisture and thus remain easy to clean and maintain.

Rubber gym floors can also provided added sound dampening and spruce up any space for a hardcore gym look.

Find rubber gym flooring for home and pro workout facilities. Get answers to your questions, free product samples, and live help from our expert sales team. Fitness Movers & Storage has rubber gym matting and flooring options in black, color fleck and custom colors. Use rubber gym floors for weight lifting, cardio, and cross fitness training centers. Call for volume pricing.

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